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Software development, free applications and utilities developed by david aguirre grazio and raul fernando colombo for microsoft windows 10, 8, 7, vista and xp. Convert any gps, gis, cad or map file format with expertgps. File conversion is easy with expertgps. Just two clicks converts any gpx, dxf, shp, kml, csv. Ausmap is the essential plugin for australian qgis users, providing easy access to free government datasets and other web services.
An extensive list with computer file formats and detailed descriptions. Also offers the possibility to convert files to various other file formats. Gis converter and mapping system coming soon. Provide your email to get free access to our tool. List of commonly used and most known computer file extensions.
Complete list of all mime types with their description, file extension and full documentation. Gpsu batch file converter utility version 1. This program drives gpsu so as to convert a batch of files from one format to another. Convert and transform gis. Cad data to various formats and coordinate systems, like shp, kml, kmz, tab, csv, geojson, gml, dgn.
Merge two or more polygons, points or polyline of shapefile. With help of qgis tool, we can select and merge features of shapefile. Merge shapefile can be. Xt bluetooth data logger gps receiver. 5hz update rate, agps, , waypoints, vibration sensor. Autocad dxf, esri shapefile. This free online converter will translate an autocad file. To a shapefile or kml format.
Plan, explore and navigate in coastal waters with the latest digital nautical charts on your iphone, ipad, apple watch and mac. Just got an email from zonums software that, after a prolonged hiatus, they. Ve resumed development of free stand. Based geographic tools. In the last post, i presented how the simulation data found on the home computer of captain zaharie shah suggests that the recovered data.
Projects using lazarus similar to this page, should be merged to this page fpc_applications. Projects_gallery similar to this page but meant for. Free online converter to geojson. Convert esri shp files, mapinfo files, kml, and others to geojson online. S free conversion utility can create gpx files or plain text from gps data in any format.
Online geo data converter for gis vector file formats based on gdal. Keyhole markup language. Based language schema for expressing geographic annotation and visualization on existing or future. Line interface for converting a gps data file with gpsbabel.