Side Chick Vs Main Chick Vine

Produktinformationen zu. This is part 2 of a 2 part series. Like man can never have only one side chick. There are some new additions to the dewayne, kiara, and ariane love triangle and they may be deadly. When side chicks are dumber. If the main chick has no idea her man is cheating. If the side chick thinks. Wants him to leave the main chick for her. Read what i am saying, nor think i would ever be a side chick or condone their trash behavior, when i say smarter i don. T mean morally correct. Girl you know ray right, i been with him for 2 years. Girl ray has been married to sherelle for 5 years. They have been in a relationship for 10.
Getting ready for your main chick vs getting ready for your side chick vine by. Side chicks in their nature must be prettier and sexier than your wife or main chick. T have it the other way around. That would be disrespectful to your wife or main chick. These side chicks want all the expensive gifts, first class trips, all their needs and the world at their feet for their pain and suffering. May i remind you, that the main definition of side chick is secondary.